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Being Proactive with Alzheimer’s Disease

While genetics and DNA are Alzheimer’s-inducing factors that of course cannot be changed, there are thankfully ways to help slow down its onset or possibly prevent its severity.Through diet, nutrition, socializing and sleep, you can start implementing a more proactive approach to your health, decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and improve your overall quality…

Early Detection is Key to Winning

October is breast cancer awareness month and a reminder of how critical proactive steps are for early detection and not only winning the fight against disease but thriving.The American Cancer Society reports that 13% of women develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, which means 1 in 8 will get breast cancer. However,…

Take The Plunge

Could cold water be the fountain of youth? Increasingly, research studies are proving that cold water therapy has a host of benefits, from reducing stress to burning fat, improving mood, boosting the immune system, giving you a more youthful appearance and generally prolonging life. Therapeutic hypothermia — the cooling of the body for therapeutic purposes…

The Bittersweet Truth About How Sugar Hurts Your Health

Addicted to sugar? You aren’t alone. North Americans crave it. Whether in the form of candy bars, pop, cookies, cereals and syrups or hidden in processed foods such as pasta sauces and salad dressings, many of us are tempted by the sweet allure of sugar. Not all sugar is bad. In fact, your body needs…

Is Alcohol Impacting Your Sleep?

Are you waking up feeling unrested or rising during the night? If so, you may want to consider skipping your evening wine or cocktail. Up to 20 percent of people admit to using alcohol to help them fall asleep, but that strategy inevitably backfires since the quality of sleep suffers when you are under the…

4 ways using a CGM can optimize your health and performance.

There’s no one diet that works for everybody. The best way to find the ideal diet for your unique metabolism is to get real-time feedback on how the foods you eat and your activities impact your body. The solution? A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). CGMs are nothing new. They’ve been used for 25 years to…

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