The 5 Biggest Health Mistakes People Make

Avoid these common health pitfalls to prevent disease and increase longevity

June 17, 2022

North Americans have the highest life expectancy in the world — 77 years for men and 81 years for women. But why settle for average? A new study reported in Scientific American suggests humans could actually live up to 150 years. That is, if they can avoid getting sick.

As part of Fountain Life’s mission to extend longevity, we are steadfastly focused on disease prevention and catching illnesses early before they can cause harm. New Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biotechnology advancements can dramatically increase your chances of living to 100 and beyond.

Here are the 5 biggest health mistakes people make when it comes to disease prevention:

Mistake # 1: Not getting annual cancer screening

Some cancers can grow undetected for a decade or more, resulting in a poor prognosis once they are finally found. It’s now possible to identify cancer biomarkers that indicate the presence of disease well before any symptoms appear. Fountain Life’s multi-cancer early detection blood test screens for over 50 types of cancer— 45 of which lack regular screening tests today. The simple test is effective in finding cancers at stages 0 to 1, so they can be treated before cancer spreads or causes harm. Finding and treating cancer before it spreads can bring the survival rate to almost 100%.

Mistake # 2: Getting the wrong type of heart test

Is there a heart attack in your future three, five or 10 years down the road? Most traditional cardiac testing (i.e., angiograms) focuses on identifying existing blockages to the heart. However, new AI technology, including Fountain Life’s Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA), is able to identify the newer, soft plaque that is prone to rupture. This provides an early alarm, signalling the need to implement changes and treatments to prevent future heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and even dementia.

Mistake # 3: Not realizing your “real” age

We all know people who look 40 when they are really 65. And the reverse is also true. Your “true” (i.e., biological) age is more accurate at predicting how healthy you are and how long you will live than your chronological age. Want to know how old you “really” are? Fountain Life’s epigenetic test examines DNA markers that will tell you.

Mistake # 4: Not identifying disease in the early stages

“I wish I’d found this sooner.” It’s the common refrain of anyone who has received a devastating diagnosis. Fountain Life’s full-body noninvasive MRI using AI is a test that can identify abnormalities in their infancy so the progression of illness can be slowed—or even prevented altogether. These types of custom MRI protocols have a high accuracy in cancer detection, while specific organs can be imaged in detail for advanced protocols. Brain patterns can also be analyzed to detect neurodegenerative diseases in their infancy.

Mistake # 5: Ignoring your gut health

Your gastrointestinal system (also known as your “gut”) plays a crucial role in your health, influencing everything from how successfully you age or fight off infections to your risks of developing obesity, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. An imbalance of gut microbes is connected to many health conditions. A microbiome analysis, also referred to as gut flora testing, can identify potential imbalances early on so you can adjust your diet for optimal health.

Fountain Life’s advanced precision diagnostics find illnesses earlier than ever before to prevent progression and possibly eliminate disease completely. We strive to help our members make 100 the new 60.

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