Data-driven decisions for a better, longer life

Precision diagnostics enable us to find illnesses in their infancy so we can slow their progression – or even prevent them altogether.

“I wish I’d found this sooner.”

This is one thought you never want to have when faced with an illness.

At Fountain Life, we allow access to the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI), treatments, and biotechnology to detect and address potential health concerns before they advance. Precision diagnostics enable our medical team to find illnesses earlier than ever before, to help you escape the velocity of aging – and possibly avoid disease completely.

If you wait for symptoms before booking a test, it’s often too late.

Our precision diagnostic capabilities enable us to find cancer as early as stage 0 or 1—before it can cause any harm. Finding and treating cancer before it spreads can bring the survival rate to almost 100%.

Cancer is just one of the diseases our precision diagnostics can help you get ahead of. Our proactive approach to health and longevity, along with next-generation technology, can help preempt other cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases as well. With this, we can help you make effective interventions for change.

The health data that matters:

Fountain Life’s signature precision diagnostics include: a full body and brain MRI, CCTA heart scan, a comprehensive executive blood panel, early cancer detection, DEXA bone density scan, AI face scan, GI health mapping, epigenetic DNA testing, and a detailed report and analysis of results provided by a Fountain Life physician.

Your whole health, managed

Going through multiple doctors and diagnostics clinics to access each test individually is difficult to manage, and near impossible to receive an accurate holistic analysis of your health. At Fountain Life, our health care and precision diagnostics are full-service. No more jumping through hoops or waiting for answers, treatment or lifestyle management.

Personalized review of results

As an Apex member, following your tests, you will have a visit with your concierge physician to review all of your diagnostic results and provide a recommended path forward based on your data.

Take the first step on your path towards longevity.

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