What if you could live to 100, and feel and look as great as you did at 60?

Live on the Edge

At Fountain Life, we explore strategies in lifespan and healthspan, turning back the clock in all areas of life. While we strive to increase longevity in years, we do so with the lens of optimizing all areas of your physical, cognitive and emotional health. It’s not enough just to live longer—we want you to do so with vitality, enjoyment and vigor.

Discover our approach to preventing illness and helping you live a longer and more satisfying life:

Sexual Wellness

Sexual desire often decreases with age and hormone fluctuations. We have a range of treatments for men and women to enhance libido. We address the impacts of various hormonal imbalances (including estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) to make you feel young again.

Coming Soon: Aesthetics

Fountain Life offers a range of services that will keep you looking as young as you feel. Ranging from hair rejuvenation and laser therapy to skin treatments that boost cellular rejuvenation, our services tap into all facets of exterior aging.

Coming Soon: 
Hair Rejuvenation

Coming Soon: 
Plasma Apheresis

Coming Soon: WNT / Senolytics

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