Sexual Wellness

Reclaim your libido

Welcome back to augmented sexual performance

18 Million* men of all ages experience erectile dysfunction. Now, 18 million men will be happy to know that there is a natural, non-invasive and simple solution for better erections and augmented male sexual performance. Introducing an innovative extracorporeal therapy to reclaim your best sex life.
*Johns Hopkins Study

No surgery,
no drugs,
just performance

This revolutionary treatment is clinically proven and is the only non-invasive procedure that remedies the cause of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. From the very first treatment, blood flow increases to the penis, along with growth factors that release in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and micro-plaque formation begins to dissolve.

This results in enhanced erections, optimized sexual performance and augmented sensations.


Back to your best sex life, faster

This therapy engages high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves and a specific protocol designed to optimize efficacy, safety, and results.

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