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The 2nd most expensive chronic condition in the US may suprise you.

“While the best medical minds are working every day to learn more about neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, we’ve always known that everyone’s best chance at treatment and management of symptoms is early detection,” said William Kapp, MD, CEO of Fountain Life.


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Longevity clinics embrace ‘state-of-the-art’ prevention

Through a combination of scientific data and new technology, Fountain Life’s mission is to provide ‘predictive, preventative and personalized’ treatments to its members. Thousands of people have already passed through its doors and the company has amassed a wealth of valuable data that it is using to improve the services it offers its members.


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Fountain Life Brings Unique Health Screening and Diagnostic Capabilities to Dallas with Opening of Innovative New Center

Fountain Life, today announced the opening of its third precision diagnostic center designed to help members live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives by detecting illnesses at their earliest stages.


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Fountain Life Founders, Peter Diamandis and Bob Hariri join the panel at the Future Investment Initiative

The FII Institute brings the community unique stories from global experts, sharing experiences to impact humanity.


Global Wellness Institute Announces Historic Partnership with Fountain Life for the Wellness Moonshot

Fountain Life, whose mission is to change healthcare from reactive to preventive, will be the exclusive 2023 sponsor of GWI’s Wellness Moonshot campaign to create a world free of preventable disease.


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Fountain Life Appoints Rakesh M. Suri, M.D., D.Phil., as President and Chief Medical Officer

Prominent Cardiac Surgeon and Former Cleveland Clinic Leader to Drive Global Growth of Preventative Health Company.


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Fountain Life Partners With Invited

Fountain Life, a preventative medicine company committed to transforming global healthcare from reactive to proactive, is excited to announce its partnership with Invited, formerly ClubCorp. Fountain Life will act as the company's Official Preventative Healthcare Provider.


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Fountain Life Kicks Off Its Involvement in Lake Nona

The invitation-only annual event took place in the innovative community of Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla., where Fountain Life will be opening both a clinic and their global headquarters later this year.


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Private Club Partners With Fountain Life

Fountain Life, a company focused on democratizing access to preventive and proactive healthcare, announces their partnership with Bonita Bay Club, the first private club to offer its members easy access to life-saving diagnostics


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